Essago Dental Care
    We Provide Our best quality Detal Instruments for better Healthcare Systems
  • Our Popular Product
    Extracting Forceps
    We Provide world class Extracting Forceps
  • Our Popular Product
    Periodental Instruments
    High quality Periodental Instruments which all dentist needs
  • Our Popular Product
    Mouth Mirrors
    Crystal clear Mouth Mirrors to enhance visibility
  • Our Popular Product
    Gum Scissors
    Gum Scissors for every need of gums treatment

Welcome to Essago® Dental Instruments

All Dental Instruments under one roof

Essago® Dental Instruments  is pleased to present our new general Dental catalogue to our esteemed customers. Essago® Dental Instruments  with its sophisticated technology and highly professional team makes exceptionally perfect instruments built to give a lasting efficient service through all the time.

This remarkable productive skill is the result of the use of sophisticated technology which embraces all the latest innovations, the high standard set in the choice of materials and the method of working in general which goes beyond the realm of technology.

The Essago® Dental Instruments  staff is a team of professionals operating with the aim to offer a very reliable and up to date product. We have a very highly specialized production plant offering a total guarantee to the client, operating with respect to the actual international criteria in the matter. An internal organism, with a chemical laboratory equipped with the most sophisticated technology and tools, effects daily controls on the quality of the product. The commercial office is a guarantee to our customers, having personnel with long experience in export, offering a perfect customer's service.

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